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Biomechanical Animal Prosthetics

The history of prosthetic limbs for animals is similar to that of humans. Artificial limbs have been used for humans well before it was considered a possibility for animals. Usually, a cat or dog was just put to death in the event of such an injury. Except for extreme war conditions, this has never been done for humans. The first prosthetic limbs for people started out with wood and then progressed to all metal or wood and metal prosthetics. Overall, the development of prosthetic limbs didn’t improve much until the 1980’s.

Now, with biomechanical technology almost on the verge of robotic solutions, there are braces and animal prosthetics that are simply amazing. These new designs take all aspects of biomechanical limb creation into account. There is a replication of the natural limb movement as much as possible and bracing where it may be needed, depending on the amount of the limb that is missing. They are lightweight and maneuverable artificial limbs rather than the kinds that stay in one place like a block.

If you do not skimp on your own healthcare, you should not skimp when it comes to the dog or cat. In fact, it is more affordable than you think. You will need a referral from your DVM in order to get such prosthetics for your pet, but this is easy to obtain in the event of limb loss. It is good to know there are many reasonable solutions to explore. The prosthetic professionals will be able to assess the condition of your pet’s injury and determine the best solutions based on measurements and tests.

Next, the custom prosthetic limb is built to the specific needs for the animal patient. This involves digital scanning to a fiberglass form and formation of a 3D model, after which the prosthetic is made and adjusted. Your veterinary Orthopedics and Prosthetics specialist (V-OP) will be able to design and perfect the prosthetic limb so it will be the best your pet can get. The custom design is to be specific to the needs of the animal patient. Just as humans are different, so are dogs and each will require unique prosthetics for a given situation

When you trust your V-OP, you will be able to understand how to cope with this kind of pet injury and all the good solutions they have to provide. You can get a second opinion if you like, but if you are dealing with the best in the business, you are most likely with the best care providers and prosthetics designers that you can find. Look for biomechanical advanced technology and discover the amazing possibilities.

After meeting with the prosthetic specialist, you may still have some questions about the situation. You can look on pet prosthetic posts and different threads to learn more. Also check out different manufacturing websites that offer information to professionals. You can always learn more in your own time than you can during a short appointment. It is best to find a company that uses digital technology to construct the best prosthetics.

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